Furniture Designer Alexandra Von Furstenberg Speaks About Her Namesake Brand



She may have ties to designer Diane Von Furstenberg, but by no means is contemporary furniture designer Alexandra Von Furstenberg hiding in his famous mother-in-law’s shadows. AVF is the founder of her namesake furniture and accessories line made out of her favorite material – acrylic. She launched in 2007 as a way to create luxurious, innovative, modern furniture and since its inception, has helped to establish both a lifestyle and a sought-after collection. Here, she speaks to Life+Times about the process she learned along the way.

Life+Times: You were born in Hong Kong and have lived all over the world. Do you think your sense of travel at an early age helped propel you into your chosen career?
Alexandra Von Furstenberg:
Yes, for sure being exposed to different cultures, tastes and styles has helped develop my passion for home furnishings and decor.

L+T: Your background is in both costume design and art history. What were you like as a student? Were you always the inquisitive/creative type?
AVF: I was always very creative and curious but not the best student in the class.

L+T: You then went to work for your mother-in-law Diane Von Furstenberg, breaking the rule that many say never to work with family. What was it like working with a family member?
That was a question I was often asked at the time. In most cases “mother-in-law” has a slight negative bite, but that was not my experience at all. We work together very well and were very close.

L+T: If there were one lesson that she taught you, what would it be? Why?
She taught me to trust my gut instinct when making a decision it usually won’t steer you wrong.

L+T: In 2006, you moved to Los Angeles and launched your line of home décor goods – blending art, fashion, and furnishings. What was the impetus when launching your label?
I wanted to work again and make a name for myself as an individual. I knew it could not be in fashion so home decor was the most natural transition. My father taught me that whatever ever you do, do it well and stay true to its integrity. The more focused you are with your mission the easier it is to target.

L+T: Since its launch, how has it changed?
I launched as a furniture line, but have expanded into a lifestyle brand with both furniture and home accessories.

L+T: What are you working on next? What’s next for both yourself and the brand?
I am working on some new color ways, prototyping some new furniture pieces and continuing to produce luxurious well-made products. I am very happy with the steady growth that my brand is going in. I love what I do.