For Members Only: Eyes on the Guise – Andy Warhol at Christie’s



Until June 27th, 2013, Christie’s will be selling original works by the legendary pop artist Andy Warhol in the latest installment of their online exhibitions. Sourced directly from the collection of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the sale will focus on artworks that offer insight into Warhol’s most exclusive and intimate world. This curated sale, entitled For Members Only: Eyes on the Guise, features over 200 photographs, prints and drawings in which the artist focused his unique gaze on the male nude, following the same artistic path of discovery as his predecessors throughout art history. For two weeks, collectors around the world will have the opportunity to bid online to acquire these exceptional and sometimes intimate works, the majority of which have never been seen in public. Marc Porter, Chairman of Christie’s Americas, commented, “As we continue to explore the vast scope of Andy’s works, the daring and innovative spirit of his artwork is revealed to us again and again. Art often pushes boundaries, and this selection of images and drawings demonstrates Warhol’s fearlessness in both exploring and celebrating a gay identity that was emerging in late 20th century New York. Much in the way that his “Electric Chair” and “Car Crash” series challenge and provoke the viewer, the original works presented here – many for the first time – will help to expand our collective understanding of Warhol as one of the most socially significant artists and observers of our time.” Here, we take a look at some of the unique items for sale, exclusive at Christie’s including images of Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, and David Hockney.