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“Sarah discovered my blog in its early days and I’ve been lucky to have worked with Colette ever since; everything from product collaborations (like skateboards, candles and clothing) to projects with Chanel, to my first exhibition in [the] store in 2010. There is a certain knowingness about Colette, it’s a store and brand that really gets it. It treats its customers with a level of intelligence while still having fun – traits I try to bring across in my blog as well.” – Craig Redman AKA Darcel Disappoints

In celebration of 15 years of Parisian boutique Colette, Craig Redman, also known in the digital space as Darcel Dissapoints, has created over 150 iterations of icons in both fashion and music to adorn the shop’s interior. Here, the artist provided Life+Times with exclusive images of his re-creations of everyone from Tom Ford to Yves Sait Laurent to Karl Lagerfeld in his signature egg-shaped persona.