Artist Peng Wei Reinterprets Sergio Rossi



Two years after the stunning collaboration with Claude Viallat, Sergio Rossi is once again embarking on a new journey in the art world, with the famous Chinese artist Peng Wei. The artist will revisit Sergio Rossi’s iconic Chelsea Boot, presenting eight unique versions realized in hand painted rice paper, inspired by the highest traditional art of China. The most important characteristic of Chinese art comes alive in a unique way on each boot and the boots are realized on a sheet of rice paper, on which the artist created a play of colors that emerge in unmistakable fashion.

Born in Chengdu, China, Peng Wei received a Bachelor’s Degree in Oriental Culture and Art Department at Nankai University followed by a MA Degree of Aesthetics at Nankai University. From 2000 to 2006 she worked in Beijing as editor of Art magazine. Her works were collected by National Art Museum of China, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Asian Art Center of San Francisco, Sigg collection, and many others.