“Acne Paper” Celebrates New York City



Earlier this week, Acne Paper unveiled their 14th issue, a love story to Manhattan. Fitting to the New York City theme, it is the biggest issue of Acne Paper totaling 272 pages. For the first time the magazine has thre different covers, portraits of three New York legends including writer Fran Lebowitz, artist Richard Serra, and dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. The covers are part of a stunning portrait story shot by Brigitte Lacombe exclusively for Acne Paper and includes Martin Scorsese, Salman Rushdie, Andrew Wylie, Jeff Koons, Ada and Alex Katz and Graydon Carter.

“This is the first issue of Acne Paper devoted to a specific place. We could have chosen London or Paris or Berlin or any other city of cosmopolitan importance but we took Manhattan, the oldest of New York City’s five boroughs, and quite possibly the centre of the universe. During our many visits to the Big Apple we have had the great fortune of befriending a number of wonderful people who have not only taken a keen interest in our publication but who have helped shape it through our continuous creative rapport. By weaving together their rich knowledge and individual expertise with our curiosity and desire to learn more, we started to get a picture of Manhattan we hadn’t seen before, not in the format of a magazine.” Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Thomas Persson

Photo Credit: Brigitte Lacombe