A Look Inside The DEER DANA Office and Design Studio



Dana Veraldi and her business partner Kevin Tekinel are the masterminds behind DEER DANA, the line of illustrated t-shirts and totes that features the mugs of some of the most iconic and irreverent media figures – Grace Jones, Michael Jordan, Grace Coddington, Sade, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and more. With a few new collaborations down the pipe, Veraldi takes us inside LQQK Studio (her printing studio in Brooklyn) as well as her newly opened SoHo office. Luckily, we’re all welcome to stop by for a visit.

Life+Times: What is the mission with Deer Dana?
Dana Veraldi:
Our mission is to create objects (t-shirts, sweatshirts, eventually dishes, towels, vases, etc.) that become your favorite pieces. We usually design with friends in mind and we love when people are excited to get something we make. We like paying homage to different personalities while adding our own sense of humor and hand style.

L+T: What are your respective roles within the company?
We work together on everything from conceptualizing ideas, gathering inspiration, drawing, and production. We internally oversee all aspects of the company from design to sales to PR.

L+T: What does your new office say about your brand?
We love being in the middle of SoHo as it’s so easily accessible so we can have friends and collaborators stop by frequently. We also happen to be sandwiched in between our good friends, artist Curtis Kulig next door and Cantora Labs down the hall. We share the space with two friends, photographer Jeff Henrikson and bon vivant Chris Black. Come visit!

L+T: What projects are you currently working and what is on deck?
We are currently working on a secret project with Burger King, leather pouches with our friend Khoi Le and the ultimate tote bag with JJJJound.com. Up next we are going to collaborate with the French children’s brand Bonpoint and Def Jam for their upcoming 30th anniversary.


Photo Credit: Eric Chakeen