Tour Diary: Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters



“I tend to look back at the years and wish I’d taken more photos. Scissor Sisters have essentially been on the road off-and-on for over a decade. There are so many moments missed, a lot of them forgotten if not captured. Here is broad swathe of images from touring in Fall 2012. To me they are especially poignant because the band has embarked on a sabbatical, and we won’t be experiencing this kind of lifestyle for a while. It’s going to be amazing to have a break, but I know that I’m really going to miss the ride.” – Jake Shears.

“One of my favorite places to play is Japan. No matter how lonely the road is feeling, when we land in Japan it never fails to perk us up. For one thing, our fans are over the top. There’s always a kind of camp-out of our most devoted in the lobby of whatever hotel we are staying in. They bring loads of presents that correspond with each of our obsessions. Mine is an unnatural love for Mickey Mouse and all things Disney, so I always end up leaving the country with loads of cool stuff I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”

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  • John George Marks

    “We are the Scissor Sister and so are you!” Forever! Lets rip this up and get our Kiki on!

  • JE Browning

    Jake, you should be a writer…you have an eloquent style. xx

  • Nick Rego

    Loved when you stopped by Abu Dhabi – keep on rocking dahlink! x

  • Glitterlust

    The scissor sisters have been such an influence on us! Thank you for making music. Amazing.

  • Stephen Frost

    pretty sure he actually used to be a published writer!

  • I’m Jasmine, yo

    I seriously can’t love this band enough <3

  • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

    I really enjoyed that. Thank you.

  • Kseniya

    Thank you very much for coming to Russia! It was awesome! ha-ha, oh yeah, and another, the concert took place on the night of my birthday, thank you!

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