M/M, A Retrospective



Le Barbier de Séville

“Since 1995, we have been collaborating with a theater based in Lorient, Brittany, which is located on the French Atlantic coast. This is one of the posters we have been producing on a regular basis since we started working together. We have created more than 60 of them over a period of 17 years. Since we started, we always kept the same compositional rules; a bold color image which holds a bold black and white typographic composition spelling the title of the play and the spirit of the posters have also stayed consistent over the years. They are not a literal illustration of the play but rather an interpretation of the play itself.”

CREDIT: M/M (Paris) Le Barbier de Séville, 2010. Poster for the CDDB – Théâtre de Lorient, Britanny. 4 colors silkscreen 120 x 176 cm. Courtesy of mmparis.com

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