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Publish Brand The Leroy Jacket in Black or Navy

The Autumn season has little to do with reckless weather hazards and that violent uncertainty when you step out of your front door. It’s a time of cool, calm climates, no more properly met than with cool, calm clothing. Much like a vague address, NYC brand Publish gives your wardrobe a necessary intersection; the place where function and detail graciously meet. The Leroy Jacket, reminiscent of sporty, baseball-inspired construction, gives your outerwear the option to be ready for any situation. The rounded ribbings and gartered ends make it versatile while the striking detail of shell loops make it aesthetically intriguing.

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  • Kelcey

    I quit. (Not really but I wanted to for a second.)

  • Kelcey

    I quit. (not really, but I wanted to for a second)

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