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Though they play different styles of music, Washington D.C. punk icons Fugazi and Staten Island’s Wu-Tang Clan are more closely linked than one might think. Both outfits are iconic in respective circles, pioneered the ethos of Do-It-Yourself in independent music and during their heydays, have had some of the most amazing live shows. Fugazi’s foray into the hip-hop world has been very limited (though some may recall Rick Rubin‘s sampling of the band’s “Closed Captioned,” for an unreleased JAY Z track from the “99 Problems” recording session in Fade to Black), whereas the Wu-Tang Clan’s pairings with rock have been hit or miss.

So in the creation of the mash-up/tribute album Wugazi 13 Chambers producers Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy had to tread lightly, pair carefully and find interesting ways to capture the essence of both groups without delivering something that was…limp. The end result is something that, despite Fugazi’s rougher songs, and the Wu-Tang’s off-kilter rhyme patterns, is chopped right, layered correctly and even with a few missteps, simply just works.

Download Wugazi’s 13 Chambers for free here.