Visual Artist Wes Lang New Exhibit Opens in Denmark



“I work in so many different ways,” says the New Jersey-born painter and illustrator Wes Lang. “I do sloppy things and I do very detailed things.” The studio where many of those sloppy and those detailed things become works of art has been reconstructed for a new art exhibition at Denmark’s ARoS Museum.

From now until September 7th, visitors of the new “Wes Lang – The Studio” exhibit are being granted a glimpse into the creative domain of the world-renowned artist, who is known both for being heavily inspired by things like American history, biker culture, tattoo art and, rock n’ roll, as well as his collaborations with Kanye West, The Grateful Dead. Sketches of skulls, Grim Reapers, Native Americans, nude women and birds, a custom-painted Harley Davidson bike, Yeezus tour merchandise (of which he designed) and many of the things influencing Lang’s artwork can be found all throughout the recreated studio. Also on display are over 50 of Lang’s paintings, including several new pieces made specifically for “The Studio.”

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