Theophilus London Talks ENCORE! Sessions



Shot in New York hot spot Le Baron and presented by Absolut, the new live concert series ENCORE! Sessions aims to feature some of the most innovative musicians by sharing intimate live performances with fans and then rebroadcasting a 15 minute set. Produced by FORWARD (Alexandre Sap, Fabien Moreau, Leslie Dubest) and directed by Geoffray Barbier, ENCORE! tapped Theophilus London for its inaugural launch. Here, Dark Planneur briefly catches up with London to discuss his experience with the session.

Life+Times: For those who don’t know, who is Theophilus London?
Theophilus London
: I’m a rapper and songwriter from New York City.

L+T: How would you define your music?
: Raw and unpredictable.

L+T: And your relationship with fashion?
: It’s effortless to me, I feel. At this point in my life, it’s thrilling and exciting to see pieces that I like.

L+T: Why have you jumped on the “Encore Sessions” project at the Baron ?
: Because of the experience the guys behind the project have. [Fabien Moreau, one of the executive producers] is a good friend and I also am inspired by him, and his work.

L+T: What was your experience of the project?
: It’s was a bit stressful at points. But overall it was a big success for me and the whole team. The project was well done like a steak.

L+T: Can you try to define the experience of being on stage so close with your fans and to the audience?
: It was scary at points.

L+T: And if I wanted to have a drink with a girl at the ENOCRE!/Le Baron, what would you advise me to have?
: Breath mints and condoms.