The Truth: JAY Z #FACTSONLY Interview (Part One)



The Truth heads to the Bronx for an interview with JAY Z. Sitting in the New York Yankees baseball museum at Yankee Stadium, JAY Z speaks on Magna Carta… Holy Grail; new rules in the music business; his philosophy on collaborations; the connection he has to New York; and the future of rap. Get the facts in Part 1 of the interview, and be sure to check out part two, here.

11 Responses to The Truth: JAY Z #FACTSONLY Interview (Part One)

  1. AGM79 says:

    This is the best interview with Jay, since Jay Z’s Decoded. Hova is a Legend and Holy Grail is a classic! Grown men, make grown moves

  2. Roody Samson says:

    Just amazing advice… 24:00 he drops an amazing jewel!!!

  3. Tausha Sabin-Lee says:

    “thats a reflection of America…its not my fault” @ 1:01

    F.U.T.W while we F.U.T.M1ND$

  4. ambition's flame says:

    the black community should absolutely appreciate what jay does for us. he is breaking down doors in big business and capitalism in general… we should follow his lead.. the game is capitalism….learn the RULES!!!!!!!

  5. Christopher Wardlaw says:

    Elliot Wilson. Incredible interview! Jay continues to inspire from refreshing new angles.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am so proud of Jay Z. I really love you and the honest person that you are. Keep praying for strength and postivity for you and Beyonce. Because, the media, like you say will try to eat you alive.

  7. pinky pinkston says:

    I love that makes each interview a little bit different some folks sound like they are reading off cue cards jayz is so authentic

  8. JQ Sirls says:

    Simply dope.

  9. JQ Sirls says:

    As I am a children’s storytelling entrepreneur – my mission is no different that Jay. Thank you for this. Change comes from individuals unafraid to embrace radical ideas.

  10. The Justice League says:

    Magna Carta is a brilliant album, you can tell a lot of work went into this masterpiece. Like everything Jay-Z does, including this website life+times, he makes it grand, he pushes the limits of creativity and surpasses the bar. I have nothing but love and respect for this man, his empire is well deserved, he is the Picasso of today. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, thank you!

  11. Larisa Figueroa says:

    For some reason the ending of this vid brought tears my eyes. Lol. Maybe I’ll explain one day to you personally how I felt. Until then Ima keep working on me to get my family where we need to be. It’s a tough world out there but what they think we wearing black for. I’m trying to be ready cuz the thing is I know they make their soldiers even tougher.
    Ya gonna remember me MINI (216)

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