The Making of Robert Glasper’s “Black Radio Recovered: The Remix EP”



Dillalude #2

“I did “Dillalude #1” on In My Element, my second record for Blue Note, released in ’07. Dilla, I actually had a chance to work with him. On Bilal‘s first album, that was one of the producers they had him work with, so I went down to Detroit with Bilal and we got to hang out with Dilla for like two weeks, everyday. Recording, hanging out, chopping it up and everything, so I really got to know him. He would come out to shows when I was playing in Detroit or when he would come to New York we would hang out, so he has a special place in my heart because I actually knew him and got to watch him work. He’s definitely my favorite hip-hop producer. I was playing Dilla stuff way before he got sick. I was playing stuff with my trio because his music lends itself to piano trios and jazz. I had Dilla’s mom introduce the track. On “Dillalude #1” I had Q-Tip introduce the track with a phone message. It’s interesting because Tip is one of the people that put Dilla on in the first place, and then on part two you have his mother, who’s the ultimate put-Dilla-on.”

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