The Life+Times Of Ra Ra Riot



Life+Times: Clearly, the songwriting is in collaborative accord.
: They [songs] all take different paths. There’s songs that are started by individuals and then the rest of us aggregate ideas. Then, there’s songs that spontaneously generate from a jam.
: I think this record specifically, was mostly your (Wes) songs. I think with the other records, it was possible that if you had a song, a specific idea for it, it was like it almost didn’t matter. It was really easy to lose direction of the song, like feeding it to the machine. This time, there was a deliberate attempt to take into consideration your specific idea for a song.More experimentation, instead of being like, ‘This is how we’ve sounded for years. We’re Ra Ra Riot.’
: It’s a different vision that everyone bought into and saw through to the end.

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