The Great Debate: The NBA Rankings



Melo Time

Criticize Carmelo Anthony all you want, but the New York Knicks superstar deserves to be in the top 10. We all know that Melo’s game doesn’t revolve around defense, but to drop him five spots from his #12 ranking a year ago is egregious. The versatile Anthony is one of the best scores in the Association, who at 6’8 and 230 pounds, can play inside and outside, bullying defenders in the paint, while scorching the net from the perimeter. He’s a matchup nightmare. As Anthony showcased during this past Summer Olympics in London, once he’s locked in and focused, there’s no one on this planet who can guard him beyond 18-feet. And, let’s not forget when Jeremy Lin was sidelined last April due to injury, it was Melo who put the Knicks on his back last and carried New York back to the playoffs for the franchise’s second consecutive playoff berth in over ten years, averaging over 30 points per game. To rank this perennial All-Star and two-time gold medalist any lower than 10 is beyond flagrant.

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