The Blueprint: Comador



A collaboration between JAY Z and General Cigar Co., the Comador is a luxury cigar wrapped in a Connecticut Havana leaf and aged and finished in Dominican barrels. Here, in the latest episode of The Blueprint, Life + Times follows the process behind the unique blend from Windsor, CT to Santiago, DR. To learn more, visit

4 Responses to The Blueprint: Comador

  1. Angel Roman III says:

    Where can I get these cigars? How about the whole box and what’s that tube in thre?

  2. RED says:

    yeah veganism is a lifestyle…you ain’t ready homeboy. murdering lungs for a profit, just know, you heard it from a prophet. start listening to the man on the other shoulder. you’ve been blessed but even Job lost it all.

  3. Chandan Kumar says:

    Hi I’m from London Town and really want to get the whole set. Can you let me know how I can ship these over?

  4. 工內三下三L_MCMLXXI™ says:

    Im getn mine this is what I do

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