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To say Kurt Cobain was an enigma would be an understatement. But to say that he had certain idiosyncrasies when it came to his guitar tech would be right on point. For much of Nirvana’s heaviest work, Cobain wielded a left-handed 1965 Fender Jaguar, set with a custom pickups and control figuration implemented by Cobain. The result was a steely tone that’s heard in some of the band’s classic song and the instrument was prominently featured in Nirvana’s live shows and the video for “Lithium,” off the Nevermind album.

As part of its artist series, Fender is now releasing the Kurt Cobain Jaguar, which pays tribute to the late frontman’s most prominent guitar. Comprised of a “pre-worn” alder body and featuring a “volume-tone-volume” configuration, the guitar is as much for Nirvana collector’s as it is for musicians. The guitar is being released with a vinyl hardshell case and a 32-page book about Cobain featuring images from photographer Charles Peterson and commentary by Nirvana guitar technician Earnie Bailey.

The Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar retails for $1,849 and is available here.

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  1. Steve Dyson says:

    that’s kinda not true, fender are just cashing in.. kurt played a custom made hybrid of a fender jaguar and a fender mustang known as a jagstang.. incredibly expensive and made as a one off by a fender luthier.. this is just them trying to make some money on kobain’s name, it is not the same guitar…

  2. Mike Greear says:

    From “Kurt’s main guitar during the Nevermind era was a 1965 sunburst (red faded out) Fender Jaguar, serial # 95747. Had a red-swirl mother-of-bowling-ball pickguard, 2 volume knobs,1 tone knob, and a black chrome Schaller bridge. There was tape covering (what used to be) the on/off and phase switches. These three switches were replaced with a Gibson-style toggle switch. Full-sized humbuckers reside in both the bridge and neck positions, the neck being a DiMarzio PAF and the bridge a DiMarzio Super Distortion until the In Utero tour when it was replaced with a black Duncan JB. This guitar was purchased (already modified) through the “L.A. Recycler” around the time prior to recording ‘Nevermind.'”

    The Jag-Stang (two made by Fender, one in red and one in blue, and then later mass produced) and his one-off custom Mustang (sonic blue with red pickguard and heart inlays) came later.

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