Rick Ross “UOENO” Lyrics Controversy



Today on The Truth, Elliott tackles a recent, more serious controversy centered around some Rick Ross’ lyrics that describe him drugging a woman’s drink in the club and then later sexually assaulting her without her knowledge or consent. The public backlash against these blatant lyrics shows signs of the end of the acceptance of violence against women in hip hop. What are your thoughts on this controversy?

One Response to Rick Ross “UOENO” Lyrics Controversy

  1. Phillip Davis says:

    Elliot, I truly believe you like many others in Hip Hop are blinded by the misogynistic ideologies that oppress talented emcees both male or female from receiving a fair opportunity of having there music heard. Rap Radar is one of the largest platforms for Hip Hop yet day by day the content selected for the site is highlighted by sexual exploitation, blasphemy, explicit language, etc. It’s easy to say this is “art” but more difficult to say this was way out of line. I’m a Attorney/Hip Hop Artist who promotes folks primarily living in areas non conducive to education/success become politically empowered as well as ideologically sound. I think the Truth series is a great place for conversation, however I feel you did not address Rick Ross’s Lyrics nor act or lack there of humanity. He can say he doesn’t condone rape all he wants but the fact of the matter is this is the same man who said he wasn’t a Correctional Officer then once the evidence was overwhelming he came clean, this is the same artist who had to cancel his tour do to his lyrics about Gangster Diciple leader Larry Hoover which basically put an APB out on him by current members, or the same man who admitted to beginning a beef with 50 Cent because 50 refuse to acknowledge him at a award venue, (not to mention his artist had a huge summer controversy over the record “Amen” comparing the Strip Club to the sacred temple of a church, Still Art Elliot? Or how about the BET Award altercation with Young Jeezy, or him being shot at in Fort Lauderdale, or the fact Uncle luke expressed in a national Paper that Ross watch what he says in his lyrics because the “Truth” comes to the light and listeners do take lyrics seriously even though to Rick Ross “It’s Only entertainment or Art”. The final straw was the U.O.E,N,O lyrics, It’s know way you can say I’ll kill you on wax and then say you don’t condone murder. Just like saying I put a molly all in her drink she aint even know it, I took her home and enjoyed it she aint even know it, and say that you don’t condone rape. Not only are you condoning it but your depicting one of the most heinous acts possible which by law could lead to a serious investigation if the acts were alleged by a woman who may believe Ross did that to her even if he truly didn’t. The lyrics crafted would be admissible in the court of law because as you’ve stated Ross has freedom of speech, and those same freedom’s could be utilized against him in a future lawsuit. I work with DFCS (District of Family Court Services) where children are raped, sodomized, etc so this is something I would never take lightly. At the end of the day “Our Priorities Reveal Our Actions” we have to accept responsibility which Ross clearly has not done sending a thoughtless tweet with a half hearted apology then hashtagging #BOSS to reclaim his bravado but I guess like the song says You even know it. #Truth…..FYI I would love to see when more uplifting artist that are talented get the opportunity to have their audio/visuals posted on Rap Radar God Bless

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