Retrospective: Damien Hirst’s Other Criteria Gallery



Since 2005, Other Criteria, has been producing a collection of unique and one of a kind artworks and award-winning art publications. The arts-based publishing company and gallery, co-founded by Damien Hirst collaborates with artists, who are both established and on the rise on everything from books and clothing to jewelry and rugs. To coincide with the start of New York’s contemporary art week, Other Criteria introduced the latest addition to its family with its new SoHo location. Located at 458 Broome Street, the new space features pieces from internationally renowned artists such as Damien Hirst, Peregrine Honig, Eduardo Sarabia, John Isaacs and others, as well as a gallery space perfect for exhibits, readings, and screenings. In celebration of the opening of its first US location, the publishing company’s Creative Director, Jason Beard has prepared a selection of his favorite pieces found at Other Criteria for Life+Times.

John Isaacs’s “If Your Dreams Are Not Your Own, How Can You Claim To Own Them”

“I’m still not convinced that narwhals exist, even though I’ve seen a documentary about them. Opinions are split concerning what the narwhal’s tusk is actually for, and I suppose the same is true of art. John is a very cerebral artist and his work lives long in the memory.”

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