Respect The Shooter: Jamil GS Speaks on Photographing JAY Z, OutKast, Nas, & More



Chuck D

“This also marks the beginning of my career and was probably my second professional commission as an overseas correspondent for the British lifestyle and fashion magazine i-D. I was asked to fly to Atlanta to shoot Chuck D. I had basically grown up on Public Enemy and I was a huge fan. I remember being exited to the point that I couldn’t sleep. The session was following an interview by an editor at the magazine at the Peachtree Street Hotel. I remember being nervous and intimidated by this cool Rap God in front of me. I have so much respect for him and his choices as an artist and everything Public Enemy has done for rap and hip hop. Chuck was mad cool and open to get the best shots of the day. I shot this with a Hasselblad 553, using a 60mm lens and a ring flash. I shot on Kodak VPS 400 film.”

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