Respect The Shooter: Finn Taylor Speaks On Photographing A$AP Rocky, Drake, Ashley Cole & More



JJ Jegede

“I snapped a story on a handful of East London Team GB athletes in the year gearing up to the 2012 Olympics in London. I wasn’t very impressed with the imagery produced on these incredible human beings, so over the course of about six months I chipped away and got to know and understand them. I joined them for training. I wasn’t allowed in the first few times, but slowly, doors began to open. I went to the hairdressers with them, to their Mums’ houses, to birthday parties, and even helped one move. The more I saw and experienced, the more I admired this bunch. They taught me lots. JJ is a long jumper who is one of the toughest, most determined men I’ve ever met. And as if jumping over eight meters isn’t enough, he has so much more to do.”

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