Respect the Shooter: Douglas Lyle Thompson



In his career, Brooklyn-based photographer Douglas Lyle Thompson has documented some interesting moments in the US and abroad. Having shot for clients ranging from Google to Puma, his work has appeared in New York Magazine and Wallpaper*, amongst other notable publications. Here, Thompson takes us through some of his work and highlights what was going on right as he took the shot.

“Untitled,” Palm Springs, CA

“I was out in Palm Springs shooting a job for the Ace Hotel, thinking of how perfect the situation was at that single moment: Perfect temperature, beautiful location and working on a great assignment.”

“No Swimming,” Huntington Beach, CA

“Got up at 5am to check out the surf and an annual event in which a herd of cattle is walked down the beach to promote the US Open of Surfing, just south of the Huntington Beach Pier. Even though this strange event was going on, this quiet lifeguard shack ended up being what caught my eye.”

“Cinderblock Bball Court, Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY

“I went location scouting in and around the Brooklyn Navy Yard, got lost, and stumbled upon this half court set up. It’s rare to find a single rim and nylon net on a street court like this in NYC.”

Feel Good,” Palm Springs, CA

“It might look like mud but this is actually clay. I can’t believe people pay to do this! Apparently you can’t keep the clay on your skin for too long otherwise it peels it off. Ouch!”

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