Raekwon’s “Purple Tape…” Gets Revisited



“At Get On Down, our approach is pretty straight-forward. We do not hire consultants or analyze complex analytics to target our demographic. We simply put out releases that we ourselves, as music fiends, would buy. It is that simple.”

“With the Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… “Purple Tape Cassette Box” project it was natural for us to go with the cassette format because that identity, “The Purple Tape,” was so integral to the identity of the original release. We are always striving to do more than release a product for market, we are aiming to create an amazing experience for customers. Sometimes that can go beyond music, to being an emotional experience, tapping into memories of experiences – like buying that tape back in 1995 when it first hit. Peoples’ reactions to this release have been overwhelming and I think it has struck an emotional chord with fans of both Raekwon/ Wu-Tang and hip-hop music overall. We have plenty more things planned for the future, near and far, and we know fans won’t be disappointed.” – Matt Welch, co-owner/co-creative director of Get on Down