Off The Edge



There are several features that set residential eye-candy apart from run-of-the-mill family homes. In a city, perhaps it’s a sweeping terrace or a suburban-size kitchen. In the country, homeowners trick out their pads with tennis courts, swimming pools, and massive lawns. Often the “wow” factor is in the house itself. However, these homes inspire real estate envy with a little something called the cantilever.  Projecting an entire wing of a house with no visible means of support requires a lot of engineering know-how and a little bit of magic. From Australia to the Hamptons, these are the cantilevered properties that will change your perception.

UTRIAI by Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius and Partners

Constructed in 2006, this house, located in Vezaiciai, Lithuania proves that cantilevers suit all personalities – the clients are a couple; one is an agricultural engineer and the other works in industrial design.

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