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The youngest son of legendary musician Fela Kuti, Seun Kuti now leads his father’s band Egypt 80, and is spearheading the movement of contemporary Afrobeat. Life+Times caught up with him at a recent NYC show to discuss his father’s past, Egypt 80’s present and his future.

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  1. Shawn Green says:

    kinda cocky about the American experience…there’s no power in Afro-beat…sounds Cuban to me

  2. Shawn Green says:

    nice of you to give him a shout, but I’d rather listen to Tower of Power if I want brass and rhythm

  3. Shawn Green says:

    and I wouldn’t be hating had he not hated on the American Experience and how we are all bailed out by our Gov’t…sitting easy it seems he is.

  4. hey shawn…..grow up…….Fela is alegend, no doubt…..itis too late to hate no matter what is said after………

  5. who says there’s no power in Afro beat?reverse it joor………… need to see how people get their groove on at the NU AFRICAN SHRINE.Afro beat lives forever.FELA LIVES FOR LIFE.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Open your mind Shawn. The phrase is “Music is the weapon”
    Where do Cubans come from? Duh!
    If you have ever been to Cuba before you will know that a version of yoruba (a language from Nigerian – in West Africa which is where Seun and Fela his dad are from – Abeokuta to be precise) is spoken there. Quod erat demonstratum?

  7. For each his own..good stuff though

  8. Bring Fela back to Broadway I missed it but heard it was amazing

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