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Twenty years ago on, September 24, 1991, three of modern music’s most influential albums were released. That particular Tuesday produced A Tribe Called Quest‘s The Low End Theory, Nirvana‘s Nevermind and The Red Hot Chili PeppersBlood Sugar Sex Magik. To celebrate and commemorate these releases, DJ Wonder, DJ S-1, NSR, and Dash Speaks in conjunction with Mitts, Mayor and Freebase threw the “NevermindTheLowEndMagik” party at NYC hotspot Blind Barber. Check out the live mixtape here.

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A Tribe Called Quest – “Check the Rhyme”
De La Soul – “Buddy (REMIX)”
A Tribe Called Quest – “World Tour”
Lords of the Underground – “Chief Rocker”
De La Soul – “Ring Ring”
Digable Planets – “Rebirth of Slick (Cool like Dat)”
A Tribe Called Quest – “Buggin Out”
A Tribe Called Quest – “Scenario (REMIX)
A Tribe Called Quest – “The Business”
Black Sheep – ” The Choices is Yours”
Green Day – “Long View
Stone Temple Pilots – “Plush”
Pearl Jam – “Alive”
Nirvana – “Lounge Act”
Foo Fighters – “Everlong”
Butthole Surfers – ” Pepper”
Nirvana – “In Bloom”
Green Day – “Brain Stew”
Alice In Chains – “Them Bones”
Days of the New – “Touch, Peel and Stand”
Smashing Pumpkins – “Today”
Spacehog – “In The Meantime”
Nirvana – “Stay Away”
Hole – “Violet”
Rage Against The Machine – “Bulls On Parade”
Beck – “Loser”
Faith No More – “Epic”
Body Count – “There Goes the Neighborhood”
Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Under The Bridge”
Beck – “Loser”
The Knack- “Sharona”
Cake- “Going THe Distance”
Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Suck My Kiss”
Filter – “Hey Man, Nice Shot”
Nine Inch Nails – “Closer”
Rage Against The Machine – “Bulls On Parade”
The Offspring – “Come Out and Play”
Rancid – “Ruby Soho”
Sublime – “What I Got”
Veruca Salt – “Seether”
Red Hot Chili Peppers – “GIve It Away (Turbz Drum 50 Intro Edit)”
Live – “I Alone”
Violent Femmes – “Blister In The Sun”
Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Breaking The Girl (Dash Speaks Screwed Bootleg)”
The Pixies – “Where is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix)”

8 Responses to Nevermind The Low End Magik

  1. DJ WONDER says:


  2. V R says:

    So many goodies on this site, I feel spoiled

  3. Jordan Rose says:


  4. Sarah Foxx says:

    OMG! So sweet! It really brings me back to the day and how awesome the music was. Thank you!

  5. Angel Ciudad says:

    Too bad there is no one even remotely close to these guys releasing albums these days!!!

  6. T MurDocK says:

    lookatcha’s… bunch of old farts remembering the times huh? get out the prune juice and the record player…. wtf u think the kids of led zeplin days thought of that music,.. trash,.. times change or is Alzheimer making you geriatrics forget…..mixtape dope the anyway

  7. Anonymous says:

    This clown T MurDocK…Enjoy your Soulja Boy and Lil B collection and forget the fact that you heard good music on Nevermind The Low End Magik…Loook at this idiot’s last sentence…

    mixtape dope the anyway

    It’s so obvious you can’t be more than 6 years old to write that…Enjoy your prune juice,Rugrat

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