Life+Times Video Premiere: The Bright Light Social Hour “Infinite Cities”



The Bright Light Social Hour, an Austin-based psych-rock quartet, brings their Southern charm and adept live talent to their new album, Space is Still the Place (out March 10th on Frenchkiss Records). The album was written, performed, produced and engineered by the band at their home studio in Austin. Jack O’Brien (vocals, bass), Curtis Roush (vocals, guitar), Joseph Mirasole (drums), and Edward Braillif (synthesizers, guitar) of TBLSH labels their sound as “Future South” which is derived from southern rock, soul, blues, and the in-betweens of those genres.

Whether it’s Stubb’s in Austin or Mercury Lounge in NYC, this band brings a live rawness that masterfully bleeds into their records. It’s an unmatched je ne sais quoi that makes their sound relatable to the listener and devoid of condescension. Their level of musicianship paired with creativity is apparent in their visual art too. Regarding the exclusive Life + Times premiere of the “Infinite Cities” music video, Jack states that he “wanted to recreate a day in our (TBLSH) life on tour, mainly from the perspective of our drummer, Jo (Joseph), who happens to live with bipolar II.” The video, shot near their home studio on Lake Travis outside of Austin, captures an unexpected “post-apocalyptic” landscape. Jack adds, “In the video, he struggles with depression [and] depersonalization as the band travels and arrives in a strange place where colorful people open our minds, and we share music with them.”

“Infinite Cities” has a double meaning that also speaks to inner strength. Curtis further adds, “’Infinite Cities’ came up from a few particularly long stretches on the road. There’s an ache in the remoteness, a sense of isolation and estrangement, but also a quiet discovery of home and peace in a shifting setting. Lonely, but buoyed by a kind of family born in distance.”

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