L+T: Premiere: Until The Ribbon Breaks “Pressure” Remix by BURNS & Weeknd “Wicked Games” Remix



Producers – whether in the film or music industry – capture an emotion and present the feeling in a way a viewer or listener can translate into his own meaning. What happens when you cross pollinate the two types of producers? You get Wales-based producer, Until The Ribbon Breaks (Pete Lawrie Winfield), who uses his film background and enthrallment in music to create one-of-a-kind projects. Nothing highlights UTRB’s creativity more than the video for his latest single, “Pressure.” Using images from David Lynch‘s 1997 flick Lost Highway – he marries the film highlights together with soulful R&B rhythms and beats before adding an unexpected electronic crescendo. No doubt UTRB’s debut album (in the works) will capture his knack of creating a world within a world, much like the film Inception – except that of instrumentation only. Here, Life + Times premieres UTRB’s remix of The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games” and gets a glimpse of the producer behind the remix.

Life + Times: Until The Ribbon Breaks ¬ how did you come up with that performance name?
Until The Ribbon Breaks
: I got to thinking about when I first started making music as a teenager, messing around with a sampler, obsessively making cassette mixtapes for my friends. These would be a mixture of my own beats and other music that I loved at the time.

L+T: Originally you studied film then made the transition into music. It’s amazing how music scores to various movies are so apt for either a scene or the overall theme of the movie. What captured your interest in film? How has your love of film and music played an integral role in your songwriting and production?
: Skateboarding videos were my introduction to the combination of a visual and music. I was transfixed. One without the other seems like a half missing. Music can lend moving image an emotional gravitas that it may not have already had. The plastic bag scene in American Beauty is the perfect example of that. The flip side of that coin is also true -visuals can exaggerate the feeling in the music. The right image(s), with the right sound are two art forms in perfect synchronicity.

L+T: Do you have any mentors or muses that helped you in the creation of your vision?
: Any artist that combines visuals and music in an interesting way and with integrity is an inspiration to me. Some directors and heroes of mine that use music in a beautiful and engaging way are Terrence Malick, David Lynch, and Paul Thomas Anderson. Film composers that I love are Ennio Morricone and Thomas Newman. Amon Tobin, Radiohead, and DJ Shadow are some contemporary artists that have always combined the two forms in an amazing way.

Until The Ribbon Breaks’s “Pressure” is available on iTunes. For more information, check out his official site here.