Life+Times Premiere: Royal Canoe “Bathtubs (Alek.Fin Remix)”



“Listening to the original mix was inspiring. Those guys incorporated so many textures and layers in there. I actually finished four different remixes of this track and ended up going with the first one. That first instinct is usually the one I feel most connected to at the end of the day.” – Alek.Fin

“Alek [.Fin] really put his fingerprint on this remix and it’s exactly what we were hoping for. The soothing reverb-y keyboard tones juxtaposed with the frantic skipping clicks and clacks of the hi-hat make for an interesting sort of manic-yet peaceful journey. ” – Matt Schellenberg (of Royal Canoe)

2 Responses to Life+Times Premiere: Royal Canoe “Bathtubs (Alek.Fin Remix)”

  1. Valerie Vermeerbergen says:

    great sound ! Love what Alek Fin did with it.

  2. game6 says:

    Whenever I need a relaxing tune I come back to this song, love it. Wish I had a whole playlist to match it.

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