Life+Times Premiere: NAVVI “Perfect Speed”



Vocalist Kristin Henry and producer Brad Boettger are electro-pop band, NAVVI. The duo was featured on this summer’s Kitsuné ‘ album, America 3 LP. NAVVI will release their self-produced // EP on November 18th. In anticipation of Kristin and Brad’s EP, Life + Times premieres “Perfect Speed.” The track’s fluid rhythm and synth-phonic melody is complemented by Kristin’s haunting, delicate vocals. Ultimately, the duo has all of the ‘perfect’ musical ingredients that ensures their relevance factor well beyond 2014.

“The phrase ‘Perfect Speed’ really resonated with me when Brad brought over the beat with that working title. I sat on those two words and listened to the instrumental about a hundred times (no lie). I guess I took more of a ‘stream of consciousness’ approach and wrote what was already there and what felt right. When the words started to form, the melody easily followed.” – Kristin Henry

“Early on, the working title of the song was ‘Perfect Speed’ because I had been experimenting with beats per minute settings that naturally evoked a response from me. Everybody’s sensibility is different about tempo, but it kept recurring that my sweet spot seemed to be 88bpm. Perfect Speed.”– Brad Boettger