Life+Times Premiere: Hannah Rad “Life+Times RADMIX”



REVOLT TV‘s On-Air Host, Hannah Rad, is the mastermind behind this exclusive Life+Times RADMIX.” Hannah got her start in DJing five years ago during the time she hosted Belly of the Beast, her long-running radio show. In addition to producing, curating mixes, and conducting guest interviews, Hannah decided to add live mixing (under the guidance of DJ Vida) to the show. All of this experience led to a “rad” variety of her hosting and guest DJing parties and events in NYC, LA, Miami, and other cities.

Upon leaving the radio show to join REVOLT TV, Hannah began to miss creating weekly live mixes. She began the #RADMIX series earlier this year. Regarding the weekly series, Hanna says, “Mostly, it’s new techno, house and dance music I like to feature, but [I] wanted to do something special [and] unique for this Life+Times RADMIX. The concept and overall ingredients of the mix consists of house and other variations of dance music that sample some of Hannah’s favorite hip-hop and R&B tracks.

Track List:
Codes – “World Rulin’”
Sharam Jey – “Here I Come”
Wildkats – “Perpetrating”
Riva Starr – “Black Mama”
Veitengruber – “Junk”
Tapesh & KANT – “Ey Yo”
Claptone – “Cream”
Mikix the Cat – “En Vogue”
Whitesquare – “Hate It or Love It”
Finnebassen – “Touching Me”
Z – “Moves Like Ms. Jackson”
Carte Blanche – “The Molecules”
Todd Terry – “All the Massive”
Modern Amusement – “Cold As Ice (Louie Fresco Mix)”
Robosonic – “The Edge”
Crap Rappers – “What’s The Difference?”
Matpat – “Crush On You”
HNNY – “Boy”
Marlon Hoffstadt & Steve Bone – “Girl”
Eats Everything – “Heard That”