Life + Times Video Premiere: MeLo-X “BK ALLNIGHTER”



L+T: In this era of genre bending, some artists do it to be trendy while others are simply inspired by good music…
: I never do anything to be trendy. Even the latest remix I did called “The Weeknd Love Triangle,” that’s a blend of The Weeknd, Drake and Sade, that was actually just me messing around. I picked songs that I was vibing to at the time and it was those three. I never realized that Drake was a fan of Sade and also working with The Weeknd.

L+T: I assumed that was done on purpose and you’re telling me that was all coincidence?
: I was in Berlin getting set up for a show. I had like three or four Sade tracks and I downloaded the whole album and the one track that stood out was “Love Is Stronger Than Pride.” I added drums to it and blended it with The Weeknd’s “What You Need,” which was in the same key as Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.” I thought they just all made sense together.

L+T: You did this really dope live performance of Maxwell’s “Bad Habits” recently and word is that you and Maxwell may be collaborating in the future.
: After I remixed Maxwell’s Black Summer’s Night, he personally hit me up to tell me it was dope. He actually got Sony to but the remix I did to “The Highest” and it was played at the end of all of his shows while he was on tour. He said to me that he definitely wants me to do official remixes for his next project.

L+T: You and Kid Cudi have some history; can you elaborate on that a little bit?
: I started DJing in the city around 2005, that’s when Cudi moved to New York. I would see him at every party so I eventually got to know him. He came to one of the parties I was doing at a spot called SoHo 323 and asked if I could play a song. I usually don’t play random people’s music but it was Cudi so I listened to it and it was ill. It wasn’t “Day and Night” though. I played it and everybody in the club went crazy. He shouts me out to this day for that.

L+T: Royal Elegance is coming, what can we expect?
: Royal Elegance is an album I’ve been working on for the past four years. I have a song on the album called “Tomorrow Never May Come.” That’s a song I wrote and produced in 2008. Even today, when I listen to it, it’s still relevant. Royal Elegance is going to be more like my crowning achievement. After traveling the world and seeing all these different people while exploring my own creativity, this is what happens.