EDM DJ Nicole Moudaber Speaks On Playing Electric Zoo, New EP, and Creating A Techno Hit



Dance music is a melting pot of influences that stem from sub-genres within and sounds from other music varieties. No one confirms the validity of the aforementioned than that of label head of MOOD Records and DJ-producer Nicole Moudaber. Look beyond Nicole’s beautiful visage and prepare to hear the sounds of the future – a blend of house and techno. Her latest EP, Give Me Body, is comprised of pulsating percussion, entrancing vocals, and plenty of bass. Anja Schneider’s remix of the title track “Give Me Body” is just as alluring as the original. Nicole states, “I asked her [Anja Schneider] to remix my record and the result was amazing. I love her vibe, her style, and I’m very happy she’s on board.” 2013 is proving to be a milestone year for Nicole and her dealings with MOOD Records. Nicole is nominated for a 2013 DJ Award in the techno category and is on the verge of a record release from one of the acts her label represents. Here, Life + Times speaks with the techno queen about her dance music ideologies and this weekend’s Electric Zoo affairs.

Life + Times: Percussion, bass, and melody are some of the obvious ingredients to many dance music records. What would you say is the key component in producing a techno track?
Nicole Moudaber
: A techno mind.

L+T: Congrats on the release of your new Give Me Body EP! It’s eye opening to look back on past projects and see how you’ve progressed or stayed consistent. Your past releases consists of Sonic Language and Believe. What aspects of the first two releases did you incorporate into the new EP? What do you plan on experimenting with on the next record?
: Give Me Body is still a tech house, techno record – the only difference to it is that I put my full vocals on it. One morning, I woke up humming the words and laid them in the studio right there and then. It was a moment in my life where I had strong carnal feelings for someone.

L+T: How important to you is it for a record to tell a story versus a record that is purely made for the club scene only? Do you think it’s possible to combine the two concepts?
: Absolutely. Stories aren’t only told with lyrics. A feeling through music can reveal a whole new dimension of our understanding and linear perceptions of life. It’s very spiritual and sometimes words can’t describe or convey those feelings into words. All the records I play or choose to play tell a different story to me, and it’s very personal. What reaches me may not reach others and vice versa.

L+T: In addition to being a DJ-producer, you are also the label head of MOOD Records. Can you tell me about some upcoming projects and new artists blossoming from the label?
: A strong release coming from my Canadian friends, Carlo Lio & The Junkies…stay tuned for this one! I’ve been playing them throughout the summer and boy, it kicks.

L+T: This will be your first time performing at Electric Zoo, right? If you have a break to check out some of the festival, who do you look forward to seeing live?
: It’s my second actually. I did it two years ago for the first time and I loved it. I won’t be leaving the stage this year, as I’m sticking around until the end for my Drumcode crew. It’s rare for all of us to be together and New York City is a first for us. It will be a very special day and night.

L+T: Is a DJ a musician?
: Of course. Our instrument is the mixer and all the EFX machines we plug into it.