Check The Credits: The Messengers Speak on Producing For Justin Bieber, Pitbull & More



Most songwriters and producers dream of working with not only the biggest artists of the moment, but also the legends of yesterday. The Messengers have lived both dreams. With recent hits like “Don’t Judge Me” for Chris Brown and “All Around The World” for Justin Bieber to helping Michael Bolton and New Kids On The Block find their musical footing in new eras, the duo consisting of songwriter Nasri Atweh and multi-instrumentalist and arranger Adam Messinger have increasingly become go-to guys for Pop music’s new and old. They do it all without ever obsessing over creating hit-records. “Adam and I don’t really focus on what should be a hit and what shouldn’t be,” says Nasri. “We just do our work and go home to our loved ones.” That commitment to their work is probably one of their keys to maintaining success. The Canadian duo spoke with Life+Times about making honest records for Chris Brown, spending the summer of 2011 working on Christmas songs for Justin Bieber and what it was like working with an idol.

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