Check The Credits: Songwriter Eric Bellinger Breaks Down Writing Songs For Justin Beiber, Chris Brown, Brandy and More



“Fine China” – Chris Brown

“That was a writing camp. Chris was there the whole time. He was really involved. I was there every single day for like a month straight and we were just pumping out records. So many songs – [his] album is incredible. He has so much great stuff to choose from. “Fine China” was weird, because I wasn’t even going to stay at the studio. I had just did like two songs and I was like tired and then the producer Roccstar wanted to do one more record. I was like, ‘I’m tired. I don’t hear no more melodies. I’m out of concepts. I don’t have no more.’ Then he did them drums and came with that baseline. I had to stay. It was crazy. That was a magical moment. We finished the first verse, probably the hook and the second verse when Chris walked in. I guess he heard us going crazy. We were jumping up and down. We knew that one was special. He played it from top. Midway through the first verse he turned the volume all the way down and walked out. We was thinking maybe he didn’t like it. He peaked his head in and said ‘Give me those files right now.’  It wasn’t even finished. He didn’t even hear the song. He didn’t hear the hook. He didn’t hear the fine china part. He just knew. He just started dancing. Chris is super energetic. He performs before the songs are even done. He’s already talking about the treatments for the videos. When he gets excited you just kind of let him go.”

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