Check The Credits: Songwriter Eric Bellinger Breaks Down Writing Songs For Justin Beiber, Chris Brown, Brandy and More



“By The View” – Justin Bieber

“I always knew that that song was probably the best song I’ve ever written. That’s just how I felt. I played that for Usher. He suggested it for Justin. He felt it was a little too young for him and where we was trying to go. While I was in the studio with Justin something told me to play him the record. I played it for him and he got mad I didn’t play it for him earlier. It was like our fourth day in the studio. When you first go in and you meet somebody you kind of go with the flow. But when I got comfortable with him I played him “By The View.” Me and him had vibed so quick. He heard the song and just went crazy. I knew the song was crazy. I knew I wasn’t tripping. I just knew it would be the single. It didn’t become the single. They didn’t sleep on it, but they kind of slept on it [laughs]. They knew it was hot enough to make the album, but “By The View” could’ve been the one.”

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