Check the Credits: Rico Love Tells the Stories On Writing Songs for Usher, Diddy & More



“Sweet Dreams” – Beyonce

“Sweet Dreams” was done on the second day I worked with Beyonce. The first session I did with her was a song called “Save The Hero.” The second session she was like seven hours behind because of the weather. That was the same night JAY Z and Mary J. Blige were opening up their tour in Miami. Beyonce came down. She was in full Beyonce mode and was on her way to the concert, but stopped by the studio just to apologize for missing the session. She wasn’t really there to hear music, because she had to be at JAY’s show. I asked if I could just play one record. She heard it and looked at her cousin Angie and was like “How much time do I got left?” Angie said she only had like an hour. Beyonce took her earrings and heels off and went in the booth. The record was done in about 30 minutes.

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