Check the Credits: Rico Love Tells the Stories On Writing Songs for Usher, Diddy & More



“Love Like This” – Natasha Bedingfield featuring Sean Kingston

That record was cool. I wrote that one with Ryan Tedder. It was just a cool session man, but believe it or not, she wanted to change a lot of the record. She wasn’t trying to ruin the song. It’s just that she had her ideas. She would say “We don’t say this in the UK.” We said “barbecue” in the record and she was like “We don’t say “barbecue” over there,’” She said they didn’t say “high school” in the UK either, so she switched it to “our school,” but with her accent it kind of sounded like “high school,” so we didn’t really care. She was a really cool girl, but she over-thought everything a lot.

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