Check The Credits: DJ Dahi Speaks On Producing For Big Sean, Drake, Madonna, & More



“IDFWU” – Big Sean feat. E-40

“Like a day or two before Sean actually dropped the record he was like, “I need something extra on the beat.” I guess Kanye had suggested using a sample and working on getting the sample to fit this particular part of the production to see how it would sound. Sean asked me if I could flip it, so I went home and worked on it and sent it back. He said he loved it and ended up writing a new verse to it that same day. I went to his house after and we mixed it and they put it out. It’s dope to see four producers be a part of it, because Mustard did the main beat. Key Wane found the sample. Kanye was in a sense the mastermind, because he put all of these fragments together. And then I just did my thing and tried this different groove. It’s dope to see that happen. I knew the record was going to be big, it’s just that for me, my musical palette and taste is kind of different. The message behind the record is so powerful. I think that everyone has felt that way at some point in time, where it’s like, I really don’t fuck with this person. It’s just interesting how Sean’s life is now in this public arena, but we just did the record. It had nothing to do with his own personal life. Man, the funny thing is though – and Sean knows this. He’ll tell you – I didn’t like it. I told him, but it’s not because I don’t like the beat or the lyrics. I think Mustard is killing it. I love how Mustard is bringing attention to the West coast. He’s doing great and it’s great to see him win. I knew the record was dope, just in the sense of knowing it was going to be big just because of the message of the record. But Sean knows my style of music and what I get creatively.”

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