Check The Credits: Crystal Nicole Tells The Stories On Writing for Rihanna, J.Lo, Mariah Carey & More



“Only Girl In The World” helped cement Rihanna’s status as Pop music’s leading lady. The international mega-hit was an instant winner with fans and critics all around the world, but one person who wasn’t a big fan of the record was – of all people – the song’s writer. “Every time I hear that record I just remember not liking it,” says Crystal Nicole, who has grown accustomed to not absolutely loving every big record she writes. “Now I have this thing where if I write something and I don’t like it I say to myself, “Maybe since I don’t like it it’ll be the number-one song in the world one day.” Some of the records she’s written that she does absolutely love are Monica‘s “Love All Over Me,” Mariah Carey‘s collaboration with Young Jeezy “Side Effects” and Beyonce‘s “Scared of Lonely.” Here, the Grammy nominated singer-songwriter talks to Life+Times about meeting Jennifer Lopez for the first time, writing for Beyonce, and how stepping in dog poo inspired Monica’s “Love All Over Me.”

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