Bloody Beetroots On New Album “Hide,” Working With Paul McCartney, and Dennis Lyxzén of Refused



The longevity of an artist is not solely based on his or her ability to churn out hits. EDM pioneer and innovator Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, better known as The Bloody Beetroots, has produced electro house and punk infused dance music for over six years. As a follow-up to Rifo’s 2009 Romborama album, he is slated to release his sophomore album, Hide, on the September 17th. Unique to his last garage meets dance music album, Hide showcases Mr. Beetroots’ eclectic appreciation of music. “I spend so much of my time reading and researching the greats of music history that I am always listening to an abundance of good music, not just what’s popular,“ Rifo says. His keen research skills are highlighted in the development of Hide. “Out Of Sight,” the first single off of the new album is a collaborative record with legend Paul McCartney and Youth.

Rifo does not believe in replacing value with speed – which is in complete opposition of much of the EDM industry. “Everyone seems to be selling out and trying to produce so much so quickly, I’m not sure the industry can keep up. The States especially is just full of industry and business and people are jumping on the EDM band wagon for the wrong reasons,” Rifo interjects. “Everyone needs to go back to quality not quantity, there’s not enough of one and too much of the other.” Hence, being a man of his word, Rifo waited four years to release Hide in order to avoid sacrificing his standards.

Here, The Bloody Beetroots decodes four tracks from his latest project, Hide. [Photos by Kenneth Bachor |]

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