Black Excellence



Last week, Johnson Publishing Company opened up its photo archive to the public. The collection of over 2,000 images – titled The EBONY Collection – was curated by Johnson Publishing Chairman Linda Johnson Rice, daughter of JPC founder John H. Johnson. “A story. A memory. A moment sealed in time—epitomizes each photograph featured in The EBONY Collection,” says Johnson Rice about the archival series.

The result is an extensive set of incredible, intimate photographs of Black American legends and historical events, providing a visual history of the United States over the last 60-plus years. Johnson Publishing was founded in 1942, and as the publisher of EBONY and JET magazines– two of America’s best, most popular and longest standing African-American publications – there was tremendous access to everything Black, especially athletes, movie stars, politicians, and musicians.

“Johnson Publishing’s photographers took images of Black America, with unfettered access,” says the publishing house about the series. “The EBONY Collection includes photos of African-Americans across “Vintage Covers,” “Historic Figures,” and “Famous Personalities'” categories. Famous faces and moments in time captured include images of Muhammad Ali, Miles Davis,  The March on Washington D.C. and many more. The EBONY Collection features more than 30 famous African American photographers including Pulitzer Prize Winner Moneta Sleet.”

Pictures are on sale via EBONY.

(Above: “Jimi Hendrix picks his guitar with his teeth.”  Photographed by G. Marshall Wilson)

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