2 Chainz Talks “No Lie”



[haiku url=”http://cdn.mobilerider.com/mobilerider/mobilestorefront/2416/media/file/60067/337706.mp3″ title=”No Lie feat. Drake”]

“Drake was a natural fit for this record. Not only are we about to turn up and tear down the summer on this tour, we’ve known each other for years and was waiting for the right moment to collaborate. I’ve never been one to force a feature. I take a lot of time with my music and it just has to feel right.The response to the record has been crazy. My phone hasn’t stopped. I definitely appreciate the love. This is what I prayed for. I’ve been at this for a while. I knew it was coming. I’m just glad the rest of the works caught up with the campaign.” – 2 Chainz