Tour Diary: Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters



“A band is just the sum of its parts. Without Ana, Scissor Sisters wouldn’t amount to half of what we are. I don’t think I would like fronting a band by myself. Both of us love to connect with the audiences in pretty different ways. Ana can talk a blue streak and instantly make people feel comfortable. Whereas I’ve gotten older, I’ve become shyer when speaking to the crowds. It’s really embarrassing because sometimes I get super emotional on stage if I try to talk. One of my favorite moments ever with Ana on stage was the day that Donna Summer died. Her tribute to her that night was one of the most moving things I’ve ever heard. I think her wild ability to eloquently interact with the people that come to our shows is what makes what we do such a communal experience.”

  • John George Marks

    “We are the Scissor Sister and so are you!” Forever! Lets rip this up and get our Kiki on!

  • JE Browning

    Jake, you should be a writer…you have an eloquent style. xx

  • Nick Rego

    Loved when you stopped by Abu Dhabi – keep on rocking dahlink! x

  • Glitterlust

    The scissor sisters have been such an influence on us! Thank you for making music. Amazing.

  • Stephen Frost

    pretty sure he actually used to be a published writer!

  • I’m Jasmine, yo

    I seriously can’t love this band enough <3

  • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

    I really enjoyed that. Thank you.

  • Kseniya

    Thank you very much for coming to Russia! It was awesome! ha-ha, oh yeah, and another, the concert took place on the night of my birthday, thank you!

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