The Weeknd: “Thursday”



Download The Weeknd’s new mixtape HERE

  • Mluleki Mdodana

    Jay u are a true living legend…

  • Brian Morris

    Actually listening to it right now…The Weeknd doesn’t sound like anybody else, nor does he try to….thats why he’s quality

  • GabbyGDA

    discovered this band a while back… house ballons mixtape is crazy. Thanks for posting Jay for them to get the attention they deserve.

  • Hilary Davis

    so purrrfect

  • LaudeClub

    Epic type shit

  • Brian Blog

    Dammn, love this SONG. This is Friday!!!

  • Anonymous

    so beautiful, along th elines of Miguel, more of this music would heal the world and make more peopls G-dly!

  • Audrey

    The weeknd is soooo sick!! I love this guy!

  • Adam Garner Johnson

    Nice, I love this mixtape and I love this blog

  • Erica M.

    This is one of the best mixtapes i’ve heard since Jhene Aiko. House of Balloons was solid but Thursday blows it out the water. His voice and how he blends in with the tracks are amazing. This guy is going to change R&B and I cant wait until it hits mainstream.

  • Stephanie

    @ Erica M let’s hope once he does go mainstream..his unique style remains

  • tommydash

    this joint is fire

  • Holly G Walker

    Can’t get enough, that voice those beats, damn you got me hooked!

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