Respect the Shooter: Mel D. Cole



All it took was one picture to get Mel D. Cole his start in photography. Since shooting Common and Erykah Badu in 2001, the New York City-based photographer has shot some of today’s most promising acts and lifestyle ladies. Here, he breaks down his some of his work.

Common and Erykah Badu” (S.O.B.S., NYC 2001)

, Respect the Shooter: Mel D. Cole, Life+Times

This is the photo that started it all for me. I used a disposable camera for this one. Happy I saved my film for this moment! At the time I was not a photographer, I was just one of the biggest Common fans on Earth! I wanted to document his show and that’s all I thought about. I never thought that the photo would spark a stream of consist inspiration for me throughout my life. I sat on that photo until 2004 until one day I said, “I think I have a something here and I want to see if I can make photography my life.” Went out and got a camera and never stopped shooting. It’s crazy how hard work really pays off!

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