Rage Against The Machine’s Most Incendiary Moments



The Revolution Will Be Televised

Throughout the duration of the band, Rage’s inclusion of radical lyrics would transcend its music and find its way on screen. Under the direction of legendary music video director Peter Christopherson, the videos for Rage Against The Machine songs “Bombtrack,” “Freedom,” and, “People of the Sun” respectively contained information about the Peruvian rebel group El Sendero Luminoso, Native American Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier and the EZLN, the indigenous uprising from Chiapas state of Mexico. MTV would keep “Freedom” and “People of The Sun” videos in rotation despite their political nature, while “Bombtrack” found its way to Rage’s last live concert DVD.

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    I love it!!!!

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    Hello – I am trying to get
    Zack de la Rocha’s email address. I live in Wilmington, DE and have some ideas for him regarding converting his political ideas into reality. In case Zack or a friend of his happens to read this, my email is fritzjf@live.com……also i wanted to convey the title of a book to him – “the creature from Jekyl Island” … it is, at least to me, a fascinating book about the history of the federal reserve. parts of it cover the civil war, and the point at which Lincoln converted the war from being about just money into being “about” the end of slavery. anyway, i wanted to start a dialog with
    zack, which i think he would find extremely interesting. John fritz

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    The whole thing was planned

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