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On his influences: “I guess I have to give it up for my two main influences, being Kanye [West] and Tina Fey. Kanye is kinda the grandfather of all these rappers coming out now who I feel are like, ‘Yeah, I’m this black kid, I’m from the suburbs.’ For some reason people did not believe that existed. It really bothered me when that whole Spider-Man thing went down and they’re like, ‘Oh, there’s no black kids like Peter Parker.’ And I’m like, ‘There’s no black kids who live in Queens with their aunt and watched their uncle get shot in the street? You can’t imagine that? You can’t imagine a black kid with a house and two parents?’”

On girls, girls, girls: “Oh, it’s real. It’s weird, it’s so insane. Even last night, hanging out last night I could not deal with it, I got wasted. This girl I hadn’t seen since college lives in Seattle and was like, ‘I’m at the show!’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t even know.’ It was like fucking water, it was so easy. You just start talking to them and they see you doing well and everything changes. And it really fucks with you because you’re like, ‘What changed?’ The ‘All of the Lights’ remix, I wrote that the day after I had made out with this girl I literally had been in love with since sophomore year in college. She saw me perform, we talked and hung out and then we made out and I was like, ‘What changed?’ It really fucked with me. I’m working just as hard as I ever have, I look exactly the same.”

On…whiskey: “I love Macallan. Macallan 18, that’s my shit. We have Macallan 15 on the bus right now. That’s the problem, it’s like candy to me. If it’s around, I will drink it. That’s a problem. And it’s not good, my mom’s says, ‘You know all your uncles are alcoholics?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, but not me! I don’t have that gene. That’s your uncle, not my uncle.’ I love Macallan. I might fuck around with Jameson whiskey but mostly scotch is my shit. I like a good scotch, [Community's] Joel McHale got me on Macallan. There’s a New York brand that is whiskey bourbon that’s really good, it comes in like a small bottle. It’s the first whiskey they started making after prohibition and they come in tiny bottles, they’re really good; New York bourbon, that one’s really good.”

On style: “It’s weird because New York really changed me. I went up there and I was looking around, you know the style I was really into – I was an avid, avid Neptunes fan. I loved Pharrell. I met him once and he signed my skateboard, and I loved that style so I was like wearing pink hoodies, I was trying to wear BAPE and stuff like that, but when I got to 30 Rock and I started working there, they were like, ‘What the fuck are you wearing?’ I was wearing these hats and orange shorts and stuff like that. It’s like Harvard guys, guys that went to Harvard, so I’m just looking crazy. And also, it made them not really see me as a peer, because I looked like a kid, I looked like their babysitter. So I started looking into fashion because I thought maybe I could look older, so I started wearing the glasses, I started tightening up and I started seeing that girls liked it too, and I started really getting into it, like, ‘Oh, fashion’s like an art.’ It really did blow up. This is something you can do, it’s just like art, and you can piece it together and make your own style, and APC and Band Band of Outsiders and all of the fashion companies really hit home with me because when I was a kid I really liked Christopher Robin from Winnie The Pooh, I thought his style was fresh!”


    thats a good look…childish gambino got his own fanbase and different sound to go with it.

  • Doctor Zeus

    Yo jay u should do a Basquiat-themed album. Show the relation between hip-hop and art, words and pictures; could be genius.

  • Jr Lewis

    wow is all i got to say about this

  • Steven Hiltermann

    Sign him!

  • Jacob Agbor

    Like how this dude is his own man…I’ve had to deal with black conformity, or be considered gay, since i happened to be raised in Africa and have slightly different mannerisms which they all were to naive to comprehend, so i see where you are and coming from…..that’s why for the most, we(blacks in America) collectively, if i can say that, can’t compete with the ohh so dreaded white man. Love this new trend, kanye, cudi, Gambino, lil wayne wearing skiny’s…wow!!

  • Charlotte Allen

    Wow! I don’t get a chance to read everything, but the articles or stories I do read I absolutely have to comment on. (smiling) Each artist pours out a personal piece of them, so that you’re feeling them on a different level. If your an artist in blueprint the testimonies coming out of each artist inspires you to keep moving; it may not be easy, but reaching self-actualization is worth the journey. Mr. Glover you have a beautiful testimony for anyone that is willing to listen!
    “Everybody’s got something, your just afraid to do it.” Thanks LifeandTimes!


    G-Lover, that ATL show was OFF DA HOOK! I’m incredibly impressed by your talent keep it up homey the home team is watching!!!

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