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The Gourmet Family is a new collective of multi-disciplined artists, from the New England region and New York City. Composed of six core members, Mr. Jackson, Mell Masters, Austin Joseph, Stam Goody, Zoo Beeze and GRZ (pronounced “grizz”). Here, Life+Times introduces the music and arts collective via their debut album, Amuse Bouche. The album takes the name of a french culinary phrase meaning, “a sample serving” which, from the chef’s kitchen, is intended to whet the patron’s appetite and give them an idea of the chef’s approach to cooking, while awaiting the first course. In keeping with the theme, each artist on this 11-track collaborative effort showcases what they’ll be dishing out in the months ahead on their solo projects.  Bon Appétit.

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  • Guest

    Great work. looking forward to more from you guys

  • Alexander Jackson

    Great to finally see this out!!! Gourmet Family EVERYBODY EATS!!!

  • Anthony J. Vernon

    Great debut cant wait for more

  • Kevin Rueda



    Groundbreaking work! Excellent!

  • Marina A

    I LOOOVE this album!!!! Cant wait to hear and see more from the Gourmet family!!!!

  • Mr. Jackson

    That’s a Gourmet Meal

  • Guest

    Track List

  • Guest

    Amuse Bouche!

  • marianne

    loveeeeeee this album!!!! cant wait to hear TONS MORE!!!

  • Julian Isaac


  • Britt g

    Love it!!

  • Shannon McLeod

    Amazing!! Continue to perfect the universal language.

  • Remi

    This Album goes hard ! Love’n it

  • Anonymous

    This that Gourmet God shit.

  • Mike Seminara

    mad dope yo. #love #beenwaitinforthis

  • Anonymous

    #DOPE NiCE WORK! Congrats to the Gourmet Fam!

  • Stammy Davis Jr.

    We appreciate the support from you all. And much Love to Big homie and Life+Times…#GourmetLife

  • Jonathan C Cordeiro

    I am really enjoying this album.Like a traditional amuse bouche… this is just a taste of what the gentlemen have to offer. Holding true to a 7 course meal , this collection of artists are well balanced, compliment each other and are of the highest qualities; both mentally and musically. I look forward to what they and Life and Times have to offer. Merci pour la nourriture.

  • Matt Doyle

    Really impressive and chill! Looking forward to hearing more
    from the Gourmet Family!

  • Everett J. Wilson

    Sounds great!! Wishing you guys much-deserved success and looking forward to hearing more from you in the future!!

  • Ibrahim Solly


  • Jeffrey Hannon

    This shit is too hard, they killed it. Great Album

  • Anonymous

    whoa, greatest shit i heard all year.



  • Jose Cisco Rodriguez

    Album of the year ?????

  • Rosa Zefferino

    Amazing Album !!!! Continue the great work!

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